4 Car Designs to Expect in the Future

4 car designs to expect in the future
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Automotive trends in terms of design and technology is on a roller coaster ride of transformation. In the last few years, aerodynamics stand in the limelight with sleek and wind sweeping cars bidding farewell to the traditional vehicles we’re so much accustomed to.

The innovative designs are driven by the heightened competition in the automotive industry, increasing fuel efficiency and the emerging electric or hybrid cars. As engineering and designing prowess edges, more and more customers prefer sleek and modern vehicles.

Manufacturers today are taking the game to the next level with lightweight body materials, cosmic-like LED technology and refined aerodynamics. Modern car designs are expected to get more and more extreme to stand out of the crowd.

  1. Carbon Fibre

Automotive designs that cater to eco-friendliness and cutting down unnecessary fuel consumption are more in demand. Manufacturers are restricted to the state laws which encourage them to come up with such designs that reduces carbon footprint. This prompts the companies to begin using lightweight materials instead of renewable energy sources thereby cutting on the fuel consumption.

These lightweight body materials such as carbon fibre are sturdy yet much lighter than steel bodies. Becoming a style norm in the automotive industry, these lighter body elements become a go-ahead for automakers which give us sleeker, stylish and fuel-economic cars. The best part is that it can be moulded with commercial-grade offering three-times more the efficiency than E-glass fibres.

  1. Car aerodynamics

In pursuit of efficiency and style, redefined vehicle aerodynamics remained one of the key modern design trends. Consumers seek more slick and futuristic designs that are capable to perform well in all conditions. High-end crafted silhouettes helped in cutting the air resistance while creating that futuristic vibe. You’ll definitely get to know more when having the Audi service in Dubai.

Take example of Nina Tortosa, an aerodynamicist explains the performance of future cars:

“For the Volt, this change in weight has a little impact in terms of dragging.” Instead of picking up thousands of trendy body elements, it proved more cost effective to bring the change in the body structure.

  1. The unique auto design

Emphasis on aerodynamics has been well documented and it isn’t any surprise that crafted designs are more appealing. Consumers are drawn more to stunning and distinct designs with almost everyone looking for more sculpted and stylish surface which breaks away the traditional lines and creases we see on every car in previous years.

When on the road, the aerodynamic car design is the first thing we usually see nowadays. High-end models with smooth aerodynamic shape grab people attention and in the future, we expect these to be more streamlined and jaw-dropping.

  1. LED & OLED tech

In the previous years, LED and OLED technology in lighting takes the upper stage and it also found its way in cars. The best thing about LED is its efficiency and fuel economy as well as give the vehicle a more stunning, vibrant character. High-quality LED and OLED lights can be shaped in line to a vehicle’s particular specifications and manufacturing model which makes them more of a preference.

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