Inspired Long Haircuts

Inspired Long Haircuts
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The ultimate in versatile hairstyles, long hair can be scrumptious and flatters just about every hair type and face shape. Both classic and trendy, the long haircut can be chic and sexy and romantic all at once. With an abundance of styles to choose from, your long hair will be noticed whether you are out running errands or at a festive club or party.

Gorgeous Long Tresses

Many with long hair wouldn’t have it any other way. With layers or not, braids, top knots, glamorous curls or alluring charm, you have so many choices for your long hairstyle.

1. Long Layers with Balayage
Long layered locks and balayage highlights around the face is simply gorgeous, especially with the added volume and thickness boosted by the balayage.

2. Asymmetric Waves
For this chic down-do, a large-barrel curling iron produces soft, flowing waves. The result is a classy style for any occasion.

3. Laconic Knot
Accentuate your face and draw attention to your neckline with a simple laconic knot. This tasteful style can be dressed up or down.

4. Romantic Braid
This chunky voluminous side-braid exudes charm and elegance. To get that full, loose braid look, curl your hair before braiding.

5. Retro Hollywood Wave
You will look and feel like a starlet with this stunning style. Generous, soft curls are pulled over one shoulder to create that iconic Hollywood Wave.

6. Polished Down-Do
Reminiscent of a wet-hair look, long bangs are brushed back over the crown and ear with just the right amount of product.

7. Sweet High Pony
Gather your top and side tresses and pull them into a high pony. Add a ribbon or glitzy accessory to the base of the pony. Your longer locks drape casually over the front of your shoulders.

8. Smooth Straight Pony
This sleek, lustrous pony is gathered and fastened at the base of your head. Use a flatiron and some product to make it really glisten and stand out in the crowd.

9. Bouffant Pony
This interesting twist on the standard pony has a dramatic flair for your long hair. Gather your crown strands and give them a quick back-comb. Then twist up in a retro bouffant and fix with hairspray.

10. Springy Curls
Great with an ombre variation or on its own, these dense curls have great movement and bounce.

11. One Level with Bangs
This uncomplicated style is sophisticated in its simplicity. Wear it down and let it shine or wear it up with amazing braids and updos.

12. Layered Length
Keep your length but get a whole new look from the long straight style with long layers and graduated length around your face.

13. Layered with Bangs
Chin length bangs with long layers all around add volume and movement for your locks. Looks great whether turned under or turned out ends.


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