The Strange Reason Why Parents Refuse Vitamin K for Their New Born Babies

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Doctors are witnessing an alarming trend of parents refusing vitamin K for new born. They are also against vaccines as this goes on to increase the chances of internal bleeding in intestines or brain of the kids.

Vitamin K appears to be an essential nutrient that works for the body to prevent blood clot formation. In the digestive systems vitamin K is found in adults and older children but not new born. The tragic aspect is that breast milk does not contain enough amount of vitamin K to ward off deficiencies of vitamin K.

With brain bleeding and babies who are known to have vitamin K deficiency would have specks of blood in their stool. At the same time they are going to have issues with temper and be deficient in anaemia.  To ensure that the new born baby is healthy it is a routine in the US to ensure that new born babies are given a vitamin K shot right after the birth.

Experts believe that the reasons for refusal of new born vitamin K of parents would have emerged out of a myth. There was a relation established between vitamin K and blood cancer, but all this data did not hold any logic in the follow up studies. In fact a similar type of situation did arise with MMR vaccine and autism.

The logic is simple if you refuse the vaccine you are playing with the health of your child.

There are some places that have gone on to report an increase in vitamin K deficiency and when further studies were conducted it was found out that the main reason was refusal of vitamin K shots.

Vitamin K does not make its way on to the placenta. So this deficiency is going to occur even if you take doses of vitamin K when you are pregnant. As this vitamin does not make its way on to the breast milk, the trend is that babies who are exclusively breastfeed suffer deficiency of this vitamin. On the other hand oral supplementation of vitamin K has been tried and tested but this has not been so effective in the form of injection that is given at the time of birth. The side effects could be mild and relate to the site of incision. Most of the health care providers are going to allow you in holding or nursing the baby when you are receiving vitamin K shots.

The moment a new born makes its way on to the world there are a variety of decisions you need to take. This includes breastfeeding, vitamin K, etc. Just like any other health issues it is really important to derive information from various sources. Just have a discussion with your health care providers and evaluate the pros along with cons. As far as vitamin K is involved the decision might seem to be very clear.

The vitamin K is safe, toxic and will prevent your baby from all bleeding.


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