Selecting Your Training Partner

Training Partner
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Research shows that training with a partner is much better than working out solo. You need someone to push you through that last set of burpee exercises. Additionally, having a partner to hold you accountable can go a great length in getting you up for that morning jog even when you are not feeling like it.

Nonetheless, your gym partner has a significant impact on your workout routine. But, then again this raises the question of which partner you should select. According to recent research, you should select a workout partner who is fitter than you. Picking the wrong partner can keep you from fulfilling your full potential during training. Here are pro tips to consider when picking a training colleague.

Identify Your Differences

Before you set out to train together, you should first recognize your differences. For instance, your partner could have top endurance levels. However, even though you might want to outdo him or her, ensure you take it at a gradual pace.

It is essential that you set out your target goals first rather than setting out to outdo one another. With your goals well laid out, you can now decide on which exercises you will team up together. Ideally, you can do warm-up and warm-down sessions together.

Will You Benefit From Each Other’s Strengths?

One reason for partnering is that you can learn from each other’s strengths. Having different categories of strengths and weaknesses will benefit your partnership rather than do it harm. Simply put, you will guide and educate your partner on your strong points while she or he too will do the same. Additionally, you will find solutions to eliminate weaknesses that are present. Ideally, you will be able to complement each other during your workout sessions.

Does She or He Have the Correct Attitude?

You may have a workout partner, but if his or her attitude is wrong, you might find yourself being frustrated in most instances. Before picking someone as your training colleague, ask yourself the following questions.

  •         How regularly does he or she work out?
  •         Will she or he hold me accountable?
  •         Is she or he as serious about a specific fitness target as you are?

The above questions will help gauge a person’s seriousness towards working out. Remember, surrounding yourself with the right people will help you make huge strides towards achieving your goals.

Find Someone Within Your Age Group

Fitness isn’t bound by age. Nonetheless, it is essential that you find a workout partner who is within your age group. A person within your age range might have similar goals as you and can help you ease into training. Moreover, you will be able to set out mutual workout schedules. Social gatherings and workplaces are potential places to find workout partners.

What About You?

Well, in as much as you would want a partner with the right attitude alongside other things, you too should be like the partner you want. You should be able and willing to teach your partner, be accountable for her or him and have the right attitude. It is a what you give is what you get situation.


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