5 Outdoors Sports That Can Improve Health

Outdoor Games
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On your last hunting trip in the mountains or forests of some rugged territory, you may have felt more tired than you would have liked.  As we all know, hunting is often a very rigorous sport and can exhaust the best of us.  But, there are great outdoors sports that compliment hunting really well.  These sports will build strength and endurance, which are both necessary to be able to deal with the high demands of hunting.

We recommend cross-training in other sports so that any weaknesses you may have can become strengths.  You can build up your slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscles, while also improving your lung capacity.  In no special order and without further ado we will list my top five outdoors sports for improving one’s health.

1.Trail Running

The sport of trail running may sound just a step up from running on pavement, but it is quite a bit different.  In trail running, you can have everything from scree fields to small creeks to run across.  At the very least, you will have a dirt trail with hills and valleys.  It places high demands on both muscle and the cardiovascular system.  If and when a person gets too tired they can always slow their pace enough to get their wind back and then start running again.  There are many speeds to trail running.

2.Mountain Biking

The sport of mountain biking actually is a lot more interesting than it was twenty years ago.  It has evolved with time.  Although it has always been a rugged sport, the types of bicycles and related equipment have changed.  For example, now there are more than a combination of tubes and tires to use.  Today there are larger, tubeless tires, which have advantages in terms of durability.  With no need to stop to change a flat tire, the sport has become much more fun.

3.Outdoor Swimming

You might think swimming is not an outdoor sport, but there were no indoor swimming pools 100 years ago.  There is a reason why Navy Seals swim, and it is not just because it is part of their job.  It is a grueling sport, which often is done outside, in lakes or the ocean.  It puts a tremendous demand on one’s cardiovascular system, while at thesame time building long, lean muscle.  If it is too cold to swim normally you can always use a specialized wetsuit, which also helps with buoyancy and maintaining sufficient body heat.  Since it is something that can be done year-round, it easily makes it into the top five.

4.Rock Climbing

There are times when, in hunting, a person will need to climb steep terrain.  Rock climbing not only builds strength, but it also teaches important skills.  Much of the same equipment using in rock climbing is also used in other sports when height and safety are a concern.


The beauty of hiking is that it can be everything from a wonderful day-trip to a multi-day excursion. A person can always add more weight to their backpack, to mimic that of carrying their kill.

All of these sports are wonderful and many of them can be done year-round, depending on where it takes place.  We highly recommend giving them a good try.


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