Holiday tips and tricks for traveling alone

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Traveling alone can be an exhilarating experience. Whether you are a seasoned globe trotter or the first time trying out, these tips and tricks for traveling alone will help you make a safe and fun trip.

How to choose a hotel?

Before booking hotels, find out which are the safest places to stay alone in the country you have chosen. Choose a quiet neighborhood in the cities or a lively neighborhood if you want to go out at night. Check for nearby public transport to avoid taxis.

What clothes to wear in religious sites?

People traveling alone are more easily noticeable. Inform yourself in advance of the outfit to adopt and you can make the right choice. This advice applies especially to women who will often have to cover their head, shoulders and legs. As for men, they will avoid walking in shorts or shirtless in the streets. And if in doubt, stay classic: it’s always better than shocking.

How to avoid paying extra for single person in hotels?

It is customary to charge more per person, to single people than to couples and groups. Look good and you will find a double room at the price of a single room, which will be more comfortable. If you arrive at a hotel without a reservation, try to negotiate a discount for single person.

How to meet other tourists during my stay?

In most cities you will find tours with a local guide. It is interesting to discover sites with other tourists. There are classic circuits, but also specialized circuits on a particular subject: inquire at the tourist offices.

How to integrate me?

Your trip will be all the more interesting as you have made the effort to respect the local culture. Bring a local language lexicon to communicate and make friends. Be attentive to cultural differences. For example, sometimes you have to take off your shoes when you enter a place of worship or conform to how you eat.

How to keep in touch?

You will find Internet cafes almost everywhere on the planet from which it is easy to send mails. A local Sim card on your mobile is probably the least expensive solution for your international calls and the easiest for local calls or texting at home. Make sure your phone is not blocked when you travel.

If I drive alone, how can I find my way easily?

If you plan to rent a car, it is wise to pay a small fee to have a GPS, which will save you stops to read the map. Check beforehand that it exists in your language.

What is the safest way to travel with my luggage?

Whether it’s a backpack or a suitcase, never carry more than you can wear. Never leave your luggage for even a moment and put it at the check in stations. Use the chains and locks that exist in some trains to secure your luggage and minimize the risk of theft. Never accept that strangers carry your bag.

What to do in the evening?

Ask for a good restaurant nearby and do not sit at the wrong table near the kitchen. Sit in a cozy cafe with your newspaper and postcards or perch on a stool in a bar to chat with the waiters. Choose a local drink, paying attention to the degree of alcohol. Find out about cultural events, operas and festivals, or sports events that take place during your stay.

How to make friends during the trip?

Be open and natural. Learn about sports events and local stars, this is the best way to tie and keep the conversation going. If one of your new friends wants to train you in a bar and you do not feel safe, follow your intuition. As for women, they will naturally be wary of local seducers…


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