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It has never been so easy to find a cheap hotel room in the world … And there are now so many choices that it is sometimes difficult to decide or to get a precise idea of ​​the hotel. Here we give you some tips to grab the (real) good deals!

1- Know what you want

Yes, it’s a bit of a fundamental question when looking for a cheap hotel. For you, what does a “cheap hotel” mean? Some think of luxury hotels at discount prices. For others, it can be a chain hotel with standard comfort. For others, a simple bed to put the backpack. Be clear with yourself, it will avoid many disappointments … and it will greatly facilitate the search for a room at a good price.

2- Choose the best period

Casually, there are several parameters to take into account.

Of course, the earlier you book, the more interesting the offers will be. Hoteliers have every interest in filling their establishment with cheaper rooms rather than playing the clock and ending up with a disappointing occupancy rate. Still, you have to be sure you can leave, sometimes months in advance. Not easy.

Of course, there may be some good, last-minute fares. But by “last minute”, we really hear “last minute”! So, it is better to have the nerves well hung – and avoid traveling too many.

3- Move away from tourist areas

This is the number 1 tip that is usually given to find a cheap hotel. To be honest, we are a bit divided on the question. Yes, on the outskirts, it’s probably cheaper.  But being on the outskirts of Paris or London, it’s not the same as being on the outskirts of Strasbourg for example! If you integrate the cost and transport time to get downtown, is it really so interesting in the end? If you only have one weekend to enjoy Paris, will you want to spend a lot of your time on the metro or the RER?

Take a little time to study the question, you will really save money.

4- Compare!

This is of course a key reflex to find bargains. The online booking platforms are not lacking (Booking, Trivago, Kayak, Hotels.com). Use them! Do not hesitate to consult in priority the packages they offer: it is often advantageous to book a flight plus hotel pack that a dry flight and a hotel apart, for example.

5- Do not hesitate to contact the hoteliers

Yes, after comparing the comparators and other booking platforms, do not hesitate to contact the hotel directly. Give him a phone call or send him an email to ask him his rates. The hotelier – especially if it is not a chain hotel – will always be happy to be solicited directly (with online booking platforms, it is increasingly rare), he may suggest better rates and can sometimes offer small benefits in kind (room with better view, for example). Of course, this is absolutely not a generality, but it can happen. In any case, it’s worth asking.


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