Why You Should Not Implement Marketing Automation to Increase Leads On site

Marketing Automation tools
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We make the website with the sole aim of generating profits and so we hire the best web development company to make our website which should be attractive, effective and better than the websites of our competitors. We implement all the possible technicalities through the website development services providers to increase the leads on our website one of the most popular techniques is marketing automation.

Marketing automation is known as the most prominent tool which claims of increasing the efficiency of the sales team and also saves lots of time. But this technique has not been proved to be the most successful in doing its job and there is no need as well for investing so much money on something which is unable to provide the desired results.

The following are the top five reasons due to which you should never invest money in marketing automation:-

1. You already possess adequate leads which should be handled first:-
It’s always advisable to do good and effective business no matter it may be a small venture than having a big setup and can’t handle the needs and requirements of your clients. So decide whether you can handle more clients or you are happy with the present number of customers you possess.

2. You are unable to create the required or vital content:-
Marketing automation already possesses content. But please remember that in order to attract more customers you should have the most useful, effective content on your website, blogs, social media pages, whitepapers, landing pages, emails, and eBooks. So you have to be very vigilant about the fact that your content which should be of very high quality. To cater this work perfectly you have to either hire a content writing team in your office or you can outsource this work to the experienced professionals who can provide what you want at less rate. But all this requires money and if you don’t have money or funds then you have to wait till you have an abundance of funds and then only you can avail this work is done which is very useful in attracting more customers.

3. Can you afford it:-
Just ask this question to yourself whether you can afford to hire marketing automation tools as these are very costly and managing the cost of these with the cost of other requirements will put a huge burden on your shoulders. This is the reason why companies are hiring web development services providers who can run their websites on WordPress and incorporate certain marketing tools which are cost effective and so that they can run their business smoothly without incorporating the marketing automation tools in their website.

4. Do you love prospecting and cold calling?
If you run a business which is done by referrals or through face to face transactions then you don’t have to get indulge in cold calling or even at marketing automation. But if your business requires cold calling then it’s easy to grab more leads by cold calling as this is the most primitive form of advertisements and attracting the leads. You have to decide that which mode of marketing is best for you and so you can take the final call.

5. If the visitor wants your products or services they will contact you:-
Anyone who visits your website and wants to know more about your products or services can directly call or fill the inquiry form. For this, it’s enough if your contact details are mentioned but most of the online shoppers love to browse a number of websites and then decide which website is best for you and so they will never call you instantly.

So if you desire to know that who visited your website and desires to get an idea of which page did he browsed a lot then it gives you an idea that what exactly the visitor was looking for. if you wish to know these details then you should opt for marketing automation but if are ok to leave the prospects who visit your website then it’s better not to invest so much money on marketing automation.



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