5 Common (Windows) PC Problems and How to Fix Them

Common (Windows) PC Problems
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So after searching through the internet and comparing the specifications of a thousand computer models, you finally bought a new windows computer by using Newegg coupons. You feel satisfied now and wait for the order at your doorstep like a dog wait for its master. Finally, that new computer arrives at your doorstep after 2 days, because you used your Newegg Premier account. You then open the box like it is a Christmas present and switch it on and there is a sparkle in your eyes. Then you download the latest Forza Horizon from a torrent, because you spend all your money on you NVIDIA GTX 1080 powered rig. After a couple of days of downloading that game on your slow Wi-Fi you go ahead to install it. It is when you realize that the dll files required to run the game are missing. Oh, shoot! All this waiting to see a DLL missing dialog popup?

That is a scenario of a big disappointment. And that probably was the first problem you faced with your computer. A couple months into the use, you might see your driver getting failed. And in a year of use, you might have your first encounter with the terrifying ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BDoS). You might go crazy seeing those problems, might regret spending $1500 on that gaming laptop and search for a baseball bat. It’s time now, you’re going to beat the chips out of that PC with your bat but wait. Did you noticed that I said ‘first encounter with BDoS’. Because those problems, that I mentioned earlier are fixable.

A computer is a machine that runs on code. The high language code like the ones written in Java and Python are converted into the binary bits 0’s and 1’, forming a sequence to make an instruction to give to the processor. And there is a lot of reading and writing the memory involved in that. Sometimes, small bugs appeared because a wrong binary value was written in wrong bit in the memory.  And error like those can sometimes cause chaos. But luckily those errors can be fixed. Here are the list of five common problems and their fix.

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

This error literally has the ‘Death’ in its name. What does it mean? Did my computer just died? Worry not fellow PC user, I am here to save you some bucks on the funeral for your beloved computer. Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), also known as Blue Screen by the Muggles and Stop Error by the technicians, can be caused by some essential hardware failure, system software error, corrupted or missing DLL files, driver errors, etc. This might be one of the most serious problem you’ll see in your PC.

In most cases, you can just restart your system to fix it. System will restore the missing system software package files and DLL files, reinstall the missing or corrupted drivers. System will always have the essential files as a recovery and can fix the errors by simply copying or reinstalling the files from recovery to system root. In the worst-case scenario, when there is a hardware failure, you can just buy the replacement part and fix the old malfunctioned hardware in your PC. Or you can just visit the nearest repair center to get it fixed by the professional.

Driver Error

Another common error that one might face is the Device and Driver error. A Driver is a software that is required by the machine to detect any device connected to it. Did you just assume that your computer just knows the device connected to it is a Mouse because it looks like one? Your computer reads the USB port for detecting the device, because the driver is a software instructing the computer to do so. And device sends the input signals to the computer to let it know the nature and profile of that device.

And it happens all the time that when you plug in a device, your computer shows some error or does not show it at all.  And sometimes, the Bluetooth or other radio chip might stop working because of driver failure. This error can be fixed by a few methods, of which the easiest one is, Restart. Restarting the system will just install the missing drivers or fix the corrupted ones. If you do not want to restart the system, you can troubleshoot if the computer shows you some error.

If nothing shows up, you can try manual method. Search for the Device Manager in the windows starts menu. Open the ‘Device Manager’ and look for the malfunctioned device from the menu and double click on it. Go to Driver section in the new Pop Up menu and try the ‘Update’. If even that doesn’t fix it, maybe you need a device replacement.

DLL File Missing

DLL stands for Dynamic-Link Library and is used for combining the processes and extending the functionality of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. In a nutshell, for programs to work we need the DLL files. There are many DLL files already available in the Windows system by default and whenever you install new software, it usually imports the all necessary DLL files itself. But if you download the pirated copy of the software, it might not include some DLL files. Its fix is easy. All you need to know is the name of the missing dll file, head to the www.dll-files.com and download the file. You’ll know the name of the missing DLL file from the error popup. Search for the file in the dll-files.com and download it. Extract the files from the ZIP folder to C:WindowsSystem32. And you are good to go.

Slow Internet

If you are certain that you have paid for a higher bandwidth plan and you have not used up all the data. Then maybe there is some background application what is taking up all your bandwidth. To check them, open the Task Manager by searching in the Start menu. Open the Task Manager and put those human eyes to work. In the ‘Network’ column, you can see all the bandwidth consumed by all the applications. And if you see some unrecognized application taking up the large chunk from the available bandwidth, go ahead and disable it. You can re-enable it later when you need it.

Computer is Slow

Another common problem faced by most users is that the Computer Runs slow. Reasons might be that your computer is affected by some malware or virus. Malware or Virus are the pieces of code that work in the background without being detected by the normal user and perform irrational tasks that slows down your PC. We recommend you to use the Anti-Virus software. There are both free and paid versions are available in the market. Although the Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender, which is inbuilt anti-virus by Microsoft, it gives you basic security from the virus and malware attack. If you want something aggressive, you can buy the top rated antivirus like the Kaspersky and Bitdefender from the Newegg online portal.


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