3 Important Tips to Keep in Mind While Adding The Payment Gateway to E-Commerce Websites

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Every businessman who is engrossed in trading online, have to integrate the payment gateway in his company website. Though there are certain modes of payments which have been using from decades like the post dated cheque, cash on delivery, etc, presently customer loves to pay through cashless methods and wants to finish the deal as soon as possible. Certain cashless modes of payments gateways are doing payment through credit card, debit card, net banking and other modes of cashless payments.

If your website is not having the advanced modes of payment gateways then your customers will be moving towards your competitors so it’s better to hire the best payment gateway service providers in India and also the credit card payment gateway in India to have the latest modes of payment gateways which will be beneficial for your customers as they can choose from the various domains for the payment.

So, while selecting the best payment gateway service providers in India you should keep in mind the following 3 tips:-

1. Select based on your requirements:-

All the payment gateways modes which are implemented in your website should suffice your requirements. There are few payment gateways which possess fixed monthly fees while others will charge you according to the financial transactions made within a stipulated duration. You should always choose the service provider which offers you decent rates and you should be sure that it won’t be affecting your budget.

If you have international customers then your payment gateway should accept payments through international cards- Visa or Master Cards. For domestic customers, net banking and payments through the debit cards should also be incorporated.

It is better to hire the best payment gateway services providers who offer you numerous ways of payments. If you are getting the service providers which offers more than 1000 options then opt that service provider as today the customers look for the various options and would be happy if they can get a chance to select from the list.

2. Thorough Research:-

The payment gateway will be an indispensable part f your business website so you should be very vigilant while selecting the right payment gateway for your business portal. Before finalizing any service providers check and do thorough research about the charges, how they charge you per transactions or monthly basis, each and every detail should be well researched and comprehended before you fix to the contract with the service provider. It’s often found that the service providers don’t show the charges beforehand and after you have signed the contract then all the hidden charges crack your mind. So the best way to finalize a single company is by going through the charge sheet of numerous service providers and then selects the one which is suitable for your needs and desires.

3. Opt for customer friendly features:-

If you opt or the best credit card payment gateway in India or the best payment gateway service providers in India then you will notice that their payment gateways always focus on providing the best modes of payments which are customer friendly and it also provides customer satisfaction as well. You can avail the offers like Auto Retry and Smart Routing features which offer the highest and maximum success rates. The payment gateways services providers should also provide you with the SSL Security and it should have complied with the DSS: PCI standards.


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