What are the types of hammers that are available?

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These days you can buy different types of hammers from the variety that is available from both online stores and also the actual stores. You could make your preference as per your requirements for the work that you need to do. Well, there are various types of hammers that are available and also there are many hammer manufactures in India who sells these.

The types of hammers you can choose from:

  • Clawhammer: if you are considering to buy the hammer for general work, then you can opt for the claw hammer which is the most famous type of hammer that is being used. Usually one will find it in a wooden handle, steel handle or without the grip of the rubber. The claw is curved and the person using it should take care of it because of the force which is applied there is a tendency that the joint between the handle and the head can get weakened.
  • Club hammer: it has a double-faced head and is beneficial in light work of demolition and this type of hammer is also known a Lump Hammer. When you are dealing with this hammer, it is highly recommended to use safety precautions which include gloves and also glasses. Also, this is best preferred for domestic work. The handle of this hammer will be made out of either wood or even synthetic resin.
  • Sledgehammer: this is mainly used for work which is heavier like breaking of concrete or stone. If you want to use it for lighter jobs then it can be used for blows by its head but if you want to use it for heavier use then the hammer needs to be swung just like an axe.

Some tips for while you are making use of hammers:

Firstly, you always need to make sure you are using the right type of hammer for the work. This will help you and make your work quite easy and will also keep away from possible damage that could be caused due to the usage of the wrong kind of equipment. There are many hammer exporters in India and they can be useful when the hammer you are looking out for is not available in your particular area.

Also, remember that if your hammer easily slips off the nails then the face of the head needs to be made rough which can be done easily with the help of a medium abrasive paper. If you notice that the timber handle of your hammer is getting loose then you can place the head in water for a night and the water will cause the head to expand and thus it will become tight.

You should also never ignore your safety and thus it is essential to wear safety glasses when you drive masonry nails or even if you are breaking up concrete since these things could cause damage and harm you. You should also make sure that the wedges are tight enough of the steel wedges.


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