What Not to Give: The Worst Gifts to Dodge

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Gifts say a lot about the way you feel about the recipient. If you love someone, the gift you select for him or her would undoubtedly be something considerate. If that someone were an extremely close friend or family member, your gift for them would be even more personal. A bad gift can jeopardize more than just the reputation of the giver. It can brand one as a lazy, careless miser who does not know how to value relationships. The problem with giving a bad gift is that even if someone spends all his or her money and good intentions to buy it, it will still be re-gifted. Therefore, the question is – what is a bad gift and how to avoid giving it?

Books & DVDs for Weight Loss: If subtle hints towards someone’s expanding waistline have not disturbed them enough, awkward gifts are ought to do it. There can be various reasons behind one gaining excessive weight, reasons more serious than you can imagine. Sure, gaining too much weight causes other health problems, which they too are fighting in their own way, along with their weight issues. However, the last thing they want is a constant reminder of it in the form of a ‘gift’. Instead of putting them through misery any more, show your gentle love and massive support as much as you can and inspire them every day.

Self-help Books: Similar to the above worst gift ever, self-help books too are borderline offensive when it comes to gifting. Are you trying to imply, that the recipient has lost all control of his or her life and it is time he or she pulled up their socks? If you want to be brutal, covering it up with a gift is not the right way to do it. Once again, all it takes is a practical inspiration to pull someone out of hopeless situations (if at all, that is the case).

Showpieces: Some people have the knack for decorating their houses and some people do not. Nevertheless, this is no reason to gift them gaudy showpieces, which do not match with their home décor. Tasteless decorative items have no elegance and hence, no importance to anybody. Such gifts keep circulating until one day they ‘accidentally’ fall and break. If you do stumble upon a pretentious piece of décor and find it perfect for a friend, consider whether it will go with their home interiors.

Deodorants: It is always best to buy deodorant sprays for self and branded perfumes for other. Otherwise, your good intentions could be misinterpreted, and that too, not in a good way. If at all you wish to express your concern towards his or her body odour, gift them a bottle of branded perfume, instead.

Cleaning Products: Unless it is for someone who is an obsessive cleaner, do not present cleaning products to anyone, especially to a woman. Many consider it offensive and derogatory.

Gender Specific Toys: As kids grow up and start playing with toys, a boy gets bikes and other macho gifts, while a girl gets dolls and a kitchen set. Select unisex gifts for kids, which do not support gender stereotypes and believe in a healthy, all-round development of kids.

There are perfect gifts – meaningful, thoughtful and adorable and there is perfectly horrid gifts – useless junk, which is great for re-gifting, but mostly add to the clutter. If you thought there is a fine line between the two, there is none. If you are running out of ideal gifting ideas, just browse through online gifts India has to offer, to avoid all kinds of confusion.


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