Gifts Ideas for Christmas: Baskets and Flowers At Home

Gifts Ideas for Christmas
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Christmas is the party of the family, of emotions and why not, also of gifts. Very often the simplest gifts are also the most appreciated, for this year forgotten Amazon and frivolous gifts and gives something that comes from the heart and that makes you feel your closeness to those who do not live near you with our selection of gifts that includes home delivery.

In our opinion, give c floral omposizioni for Christmas and baskets is undoubtedly one of the best ways to show affection and wish all the best for the coming year.

In this article we want to offer you the best-selling Christmas gifts in our online store that the magic of Christmas begins…

The 5 best-selling Christmas gifts

# 5 Christmas bouquet with gerberas

A simple and elegant bouquet but rigorously in Christmas theme is found at position number 5 of our ranking. This floral composition surprises everyone with the showy red of the gerberas and red berries, imagine the expression of who receives it?

# 4 Christmas table centerpiece

A useful and always appreciated gift that can be used during all party meals. This refined Christmas basket is made up of the most loved flower of the period.

# 3 Composition with Christmas plant

We remain in the theme of Christmas flowers with this unique floral arrangement, a beautiful Christmas plant lying on a decorative bowl. The so-called Christmas Star is a plant that comes from Mexico, where it grows spontaneously and is 2-4 meters high.

This gift can be used to decorate the house but also as a majestic centerpiece.

# 2 Bouquet of red roses and anthurium with Ferrari

It is no coincidence that this gift is on the podium of the favorite gifts because it combines the beauty and elegance of a bouquet of roses and anthuriums in red with the exclusivity of a bottle of Ferrari. Who would not like to see this magnificent gift delivered during Christmas?

# 1 Christmas basket at home

The favorite gift idea remains the Christmas basket that is a generous gift for the holiday season. Even our customers agree and this is the best-selling product during the holidays.

This rich basket contains 9 exclusive goodness of Christmas:

  1. Panettone Gilber Alto Milanese
  2. Spumante Brut Vallebelbo winemakers;
  3. Cantuccini with Chocolate Drops
  4. Moretti stuffed with pistachio cream
  5. Mixed fruit gelee
  6. Caserecce IGP drawn
  7. Tomato sauce with Amatriciana
  8. Cotechino cooked in the natural way
  9. Selected lentils

Undoubtedly it is the richest gift with a small price that will accompany those who receive it until New Year. In addition, there is the possibility of attaching a personalized message and home delivery is included.

We have many other gifts ideal for the Christmas period, from flowers, plants, chocolates, fine wines, visit our online store to choose the perfect gift for you especially if you want to deliver rose flowers at your home for valentines as well.

In addition, all our products include home delivery, so you do not have to worry about going to the post office and paying extra. You also have the possibility to add a personalized message and you are guaranteed always fresh flowers.


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