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A kaftan dress is a variation of the robe or tunic and has been worn in various societies around the globe for a large number of years. Used by many Middle Eastern ethnic gatherings, the kaftan is antiquated Mesopotamian in inception. Styles, uses, and names for the kaftan shift from culture to culture. The kaftan dress is frequently worn as a coat or as an overdress, more often than not having long sleeves and coming to the lower legs. In areas with a warm atmosphere, it is worn as a light-weight, baggy piece of clothing. In a few societies, the kaftan has filled in as an image of sovereignty. The various types of kaftan are listed underneath:

Stool kaftan

Kaftan was worn by the sultans of the Ottoman Empire. The design on the article of clothing, including hues, examples, strips, and catches, demonstrated the rank of the individual who wore it. From the fourteenth century through the seventeenth century, materials with huge examples were utilized. By the late sixteenth and mid-seventeenth hundreds of years, enlivening examples on the textures had turned out to be littler and more splendid. Most textures produced in Turkey were made in Istanbul and Bursa, yet a few materials originated from as far away as Venice, Genoa, Persia (Iran), India, and even China.

North African kaftan

In Morocco, where a type of kaftan was being used for a long time before that time. The kaftan was adjusted and refashioned by Moroccan article of clothing creators when it was worn by the area’s sovereignty. From the earliest starting point of the thirteenth century around 600 in the Islamic schedule. In cutting-edge Morocco, the kaftan is basically worn by ladies, and the word kaftan in Morocco is generally used to signify one-piece dress. Kaftan might be worn both on easygoing and on formal events, contingent upon the materials used.

West African kaftan

In West Africa, a kaftan is a pullover robe, worn by the two people. The ladies’ robe is known as a kaftan, and the men piece of clothing is alluded to as a Senegalese kaftan.

A Senegalese kaftan is a pullover men robe with long chime like sleeves. The kaftan is a lower leg length piece of clothing. Typically made of cotton brocade, trim, or engineered textures, these robes are regular all through West Africa. A kaftan and coordinating jeans are known as a kaftan suit. In Russia, the kaftan is utilized for another kind of attire: a style of men long suit with tight sleeves. Kaftan was received from the Tatar dialect, which thus acquired the word from Turkish. By the nineteenth century, Russian kaftan was the most across the board sort of external apparel among workers and dealers. As of now, they are utilized as custom religious attire by the most traditionalist faction of old believers. The kaftans online are readily available and they are also available at cheap rate. This new trend of kaftan is becoming very popular these days.


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