How to deal with regular dandruff issues

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When one is suffering from heavy dandruff problems this means that they have a tendency to produce some extra amount of skin oil. Now this skin oil gets mixed with yeast called malassezia which is present in the scalp. This makes the skin lot more irritating and if one does not wash their hair properly at a regular interval then it can give more boosts to dandruff problems because dirty hair and scalp helps them to grow. If one has large oil glands on their scalp then they are more prone to dandruff issues.

The other major reasons why one can suffer from dandruffs are major fatigue, stress, obesity, other skin problems and heredity. People who have Parkinson’s disease, psoriasis or HIV can also suffer from dandruff issues. One can use dandruff treatment shampoo on a regular basis so that the white flakes disappear soon. One can definitely use dandruff treatment shampoo in order to treat the white flake problems. One can also use some home remedies which can work wonders on dandruff issues.

Aloe Vera Gel

This gel can be easily made at home. One needs to cut a few leaves from the aloe vera tree and then use some sharp spoon in order to squeeze out fresh gel from those leaves. Then store the extracted gel in a cup. One can mix this fresh gel with a regular shampoo and then use it so that it can remove all the excess oil from the scalp. If not this, then one can also try another method. Here, they need to mix this gel with some fresh lemon juice and then use this mixture on the scalp. Spread it evenly on the scalp and keep it for a few minutes before washing it off with a shampoo.


Plain yogurt serves really well when it comes to removing white flakes from the scalp. One needs to take 2 table spoons of white or sour yogurt and then keep it in a small bowl open for at least 2 days, so that it gets proper time to ferment. Once it is done, then one needs to whisk the yogurt and then apply it on the scalp and hair just like a hair pack and keep it for an hour. Cover it with a towel so that the cur does not drop off. Then wash it well with a mild shampoo. It works because the yogurt has some acidic traits and it can easily fight off the dandruff problem. It also makes the hair shiny and soft.

One can always use Ketomac shampoo to fight back dandruff problems. Many dermatologists refer to this shampoo as it works really well. One just needs to mix a portion of this shampoo with a regular and mild shampoo and then use it at a regular interval (at least thrice a week) till all the flakes are gone. One can also use other medicated shampoos if necessary and if the doctors have prescribed them to do so.


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