Computer Glasses: What They Are and Why You Should Wear Them

computer glasses
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Using your smartphone, your tablet, and your computer, you probably spend most of your time staring at screens. Our lives have become dependent on these devices in this technological world. Case in point, you are reading this article from your laptop or smartphone right now. On average, we stare at screens for eight hours per day. The question is, does all this staring at digital screens affect our vision? And if it does, what can we do to prevent it?

According to Vision Council, 70 percent of adults in the United States said they experience digital eye strain after having too much screen time. The report indicated that for most people, after a long day at work in front of a computer, the eyes feel irritated and dry. So, it’s common to experience red eyes, blurred vision, eye strain, and other symptoms. This condition is referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Preventing Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

There are several ways to reduce or prevent eye strain. For instance, you can ergonomically optimize your workstation or use the 20-20-20 rule to give your eyes a break regularly. But all that depends on your situation. In some cases, it’s best to seek other more effective approaches. For instance, computer eyewear has been reported to reduce or even prevent digital eyestrain.

What Are Computer Glasses?

Glasses are worn to correct some form of vision problem. Some people wear glasses because they want to fix their short-sightedness and others wear them to correct their long-sightedness, point being that no one pair of glasses can correct all types of vision problems. Normal glasses can’t fix Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which is why people buy computer glasses.

The difference between computer glasses and regular glasses is that the former is specifically designed to prevent or reduce the digital eyestrain associated with computer work. Computer glasses have a glass color tinting that helps increase the contrast of your computer without causing any harm to your eyes. These glasses also have an antireflective coating that reduces the glare bouncing off your screen and light coming from the computer.

How It Works

Computer glasses are designed to optimize eyesight when you are looking into digital screens. They maximize what you see through the lenses, and this makes it easier for you to look through the screen for an extended timeframe. They also increase contrast and reduce glare that largely attribute to digital eyestrain. You will find out more info about eye glasses on this site.

Shopping For Computer Glasses

If you have vision problems from too much screen time, getting yourself a pair of computer glasses is probably a good idea. There are several types of computer eye glasses for different types of people. Make necessary considerations before you purchase a pair.

Computer glasses are not for everyone. If you experience CVS symptoms, you should consider using computer glasses, but if you don’t, there is no need. Make sure that you consult your optometrist to assist you to find the best pair for you.



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