An Overview of Flashlight

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A flashlight is one of the portable, battery operated equipment which is mainly used for illuminating in the dark. A typical flashlight unit contains one or more dry cell batteries. The flow of electricity from the batteries to the bulb at the front end of the light is controlled through a switch mechanism placed between the batteries and the lamp.

Factor To Consider While Designing A Flashlight
The standard type of the flashlight design is the pure household light that is consists of a tube-like a handle which contains the batteries. There are several factors which need to consider while designing is

  • Light output
  • Longevity or the durability of the flashlight
  • Able to operate in unique environments.
  • The life of the batteries is also an essential factor, and some light is designed to be plugged into the electrical outlet to be charged or to maintain a charge until it is needed.

Part Of the Flashlight

  • Case – A tube which house the parts of the flashlight is considered a case.
  • Contacts- A very fine strip of metal which are located throughout the flashlight, making the electrical connection between the different part of the torch is considered as the contacts
  • Switch – The flow of the electricity is activated when you push the switch into the ON position, giving you the light. When you push the OFF button the flow of the power is get broken which result into the turning of the light.
  • Reflector- A plastic part which is coated with a shiny aluminum layer that rests around the lamp & redirected the light rays from the lamp to allow the steady light beam.
  • Lamp- The light source in a flashlight. It is also known as LED which contains a very thin semiconductor that is encapsulated in epoxy & this part emits light when electricity flows through it.
  • Lens- The lens is the clear plastic part which you see on the front of the flashlight that protects the lamp.
  • Batteries- It is the power source of your light when activated.

How To Select A Flashlight
While having the flashlight pro, you need to consider some fundamental point which are:

  • Light output – The intensity of light is different and different situation demands different intensity of light hence choose the best one according to your need.
  • Batteries type and runtime – It is one of the most important factors which some of the batteries are not easily available in your market.
  • Size & the weight – The flashlight pro is available in different size and weight. Hence always look for those who fulfill your requirement.

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