Tips to Match Perfume to Your Clothing Style

Match Perfume to Your Clothing Style
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When it comes to choosing a perfume, synchronization between your clothes and fragrances plays a vital role. The way your clothes seek a perfect match, rarely we know the perfumes need to be matched in the same way. How many of us know that fragrances should be based on the choice of clothes we wear? Surprisingly, the majority of us are clueless about the fact that the different fragrances are available for different clothes. So we need to choose the perfume according to the occasion and clothes.

How to choose best perfumes according to your clothing style?

  • Perfumes for silk clothes: The velvety-touch of a silk is surely irresistible. Depending on the weather, if ‘Silk’ is the ‘desire’ for the day then you can choose some spicy or bold fragrances to make it more sensual. Those figure-hugging evening party gowns surely deserve something special to be packed with the notes of mandarin or may be patchouli.
  • Perfumes for cotton clothes: The cotton clothes are specifically meant to keep you cool. If clothes are aimed to help you beat the heat then you should choose some floral perfumes to avoid heat rashes. Citrus scents can be a great choice as well. The irresistible notes of jasmine, iris or vanilla can work miraculously for you.
  • Perfumes for Cashmere or wool: If you think, perfumes are not meant for winters then you are living in a wrong world. Every season seeks for a special fragrance that suits its spirits. On any winter day, bring a sense of warmth with any loud floral scent gently sprayed over your favorite woolen jumper or a woolen overcoat. A scent inspired by praline or agarwood could be the right choice for the winter season.
  • Perfumes for linen: Make out the most from your casual days by picking up the elite fabrics of linen. This breezy fabric gives an ultimate impression of elegance and limpidness. So, what else could work better than an aquatic one? A scent having an invigorating essence of jasmine or cucumber water is appropriate for your light weight linen clothes.

How would you choose the best perfumes according to your style?

The way you pick up some relaxed clothes, you should pick up fragrances like citruses, fruity or green elements which can comply with the feel. Happy by Clinique is one such perfume which set your mood high in that sporty spirit. So, capture the vibes of leisure by using an appropriate fragrance.

  • For Exotic Style: Colorful attire on any casual meet up surely depicts the fun you are chasing for. But to complete this exotic look, using a right perfume is equally imperative. From Oriental floral to sweet spices should be on your list of preferred fragrances.
  • For Sexy Style: If you feel flirty today, why should not your perfume? To add a sense of sensuality to your attire, adding a sensual combination of spices and floral fragrance is vital. Perfumes are the great way to express what is on your mind. So, fetch a coquettish look with a subtle Oriental overtone that can set head over heels for you.
  • Elegant Style: The formal attire always calls for an elite fragrance. Going to work or for a meeting, your timeless professional look can always be enhanced by picking up the right fragrance. So, where elegance is a priority, anything ‘loud’ is a strict No-No. Settle yourself on some lighter notes like lavender or wood.
  • Classic Style: If you too believe in proverb ‘old is gold’ then surely ‘Classics’ are meant for you. Floral elements have always been in trend for its unique and flexible tones. Choosing a right one is still significant as the wide range of floral also offer different traits. While a floral orange is more sensuous, a typical floral with loud notes will make you noticeable.

How would you choose the best perfumes?

Stocking up your wardrobe with different fragrances bottle will make it handy to pick up the right one as per your mood. Here are some of the tips to choose an appropriate fragrance that will fetch accolades for you for your ultimate choice:

Pick up an essence of feminism

For that adorable ‘girlie-style’, picking up a right floral accent is inevitable. With a wide range of notes available in the market from ylang ylang to Jasmine or tuberose, you will love to add a classiness of sandalwood or musk to make it a ‘modish’ affair.

Formals are pulsating as well

For workaholic women, formals are indispensable and for such signature looks, choosing an appropriate fragrance is vital. It is an elite affair which needs to be dealt-with carefully. Hence citrus and green are the two vigorous perfumes that can enhance your official attire.

The idea of wearing a perfume is to accentuate your mood and style in a way that can make you stand out from the crowd. Hence, you should take into consideration each minute detail about your attire and fashion before picking up the right perfume.


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