How to choose and Wear Jewelry When you are a Man?

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Have you ever stopped in front of a jewelry shop window and admired the contents? The work of goldsmith, the creativity, the imagination that some pieces release…

Still, wear jewelry, very little for you!

Well, this article aims to make you change your mind. Vast project I agree, but I will do my best.

And for the initiated, you will surely find in these few lines, inspiration or information that can serve you in your search for the perfect accessory.

Karl Lagerfeld wears a bracelet and a gray glove

It’s beautiful, it goes with everything and it can save your style. Good is not Karl who wants, it’s true!

I’ll tell you something: I’m a recent convert myself. Amateur fashion experiments, I was less about accessories. Lately, and thanks to the kindness of my fabulous comrades a(thanks again to you), I bought a first silver bracelet. Chilly at first, I started to wear it, to get used to it, to let myself be seduced…

I have since bought new jewelry: bracelets, rings (soon necklace?), I’m passionate about their design, the techniques of creation, the symbolism they express. Because, indeed, I believe that, even more than the clothes, the jewels convey an aura quite unique to the one who carries them.


Men’s jewelry has not always been taboo. History shows a certain craze of the male sex for ornaments and ornaments, sometimes even more demonstrative than women.

Throughout the ages, from antiquity to the Renaissance, through the Middle Ages, men wore jewelry – sometimes very bright – to assert their social status with their peers.

In ancient Egypt, all men wore jewels. The more modest ones were content with small amulets while the richest had voluminous adornments on the chest, rings (sometimes several on each finger) or gold cuffs and various precious stones (turquoises of Sinai, lapis lazuli from Afghanistan).

The less extravagant Romans, however, used to wear rings, plastrons and precious necklaces. Some jewelry could mean a military affiliation.

Example of a medieval gatehouse: a real work of goldsmith, this improved pin was of frequent use at that time.

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, each period was marked by a particular practice of ornament, both for men and women. The Byzantine influence had the effect of popularizing the most sumptuous adornments for those who could afford them. However, it was customary to wear jewelry on clothing rather than on oneself. This period sees the democratization of the staple, also called a clasp, a sort of brooch used to hold the two sides of the cloak or cloak.

According to the times, they represented flowers, animals or even currency or coat of arms. While the most powerful ecclesiastical castes always had the habit of wearing jewels (large gold crosses, various hierarchical rings), the laity, for their part, followed the fashion of the time, often dictated by royalty.

Some sovereigns like Louis IX (very pious, also known as Saint Louis) were quite reluctant to any form of pomp, while other kings, like Charles VI were much more fond of this kind of frivolities.

India is another striking example of culture that has emphasized the wearing of jewelry among men. Indeed, the jewelry sector will flourish in the 14th century, at the time of the Great Mughals who personally finance this economy. These creations are among the most successful at the time, India enjoying a particular expertise in the field as well as deposits conducive to the production of luxury jewelry.

The emperors and the local nobility adorn themselves with turban decorations, bracelets, necklaces, rings and other ornaments of gold and precious stones. The nineteenth and the advent of the British Raj (the establishment of British colonial rule) will be a second era of great pomp of Indian high jewelry.

The Indian princes, stripped of all power, will continue to assert their influence through ornaments ever more sumptuous, mixing Indian tradition and Western influence.

Excerpt from the movie “La Parure” from the new eponymous Maupassant, telling the story of a couple going into debt for life after losing a diamond river borrowed on the occasion of a mundane evening.

At the time of the industrial revolution, jewels will gradually disappear from male attributes. The height of machismo, one prefers to offer his wife luxurious pieces of jewelry to expose then his success and his fortune in society.

Synonyms of wealth and therefore of power, jewelry has always had a strong social value most of the people buy jewelry online from Moreover, they were considered as mystical objects, mostly associated with magical powers or supposed esoteric properties. Whether symbolic culture or the power of stones, the beliefs related to jewelry are numerous…


Curious to really understand why men wore so little jewelry, I began a small investigation in my entourage. Of course, this one does not have value of representative sample of the population but can nevertheless bring some elements of answers.

To the question “why do not you wear jewelry? ” Often retorted me too connotations, too feminine, flashy or worse ,” not for me “. Simple but pithy as answer. Does this mean that some men are born to wear jewelry and some are not?

Finally, and as always, the jewel is associated with social considerations firmly anchored in our heads, with imagery as old as outdated.

Symbol of power and wealth, the jewel is excluding. Almost banned from the men’s locker room for more than two centuries (and reserved for women), he is feminine and therefore sexually connoted.

Yet today, these psychological barriers tend to disappear. Men are increasingly interested in jewelry and, as gender considerations collapse, many creators are entering the burgeoning jewelry / men’s jewelry market. And believe me; this trend is still in its infancy!


“But then, will you tell me, how to wear jewelry when one is a man?” I’m coming!

Know first of all that, when it comes to jewelry, the only rule is that there is not … almost!

No … this is definitely not the result we are looking for here.

Of course, some indications may be necessary to avoid turning into a real Christmas tree or a sad replica of Puff Daddy…

The jewels are accessories of no practical use. Their only interest lies in what they say about you, your personality. Wearing jewelry is choosing to express something special, deep.

There is not really a fashion jewel. When there are some currents, most of the time, they run out to become quickly anachronistic or even tacky.

Like here, jewelry dresses parts of the body. They draw the eye to these areas, sublimate them.

Here are some basic questions that I answer to allow you to calmly take your first steps in the wonderful world of jewelry. Let’s go!


Yes of course! A ring, a bracelet, a necklace … why not mix everything? It all depends on your style. A man who is a jewelry lover, with an assumed style, will have more facilities to stack bracelets on his

Wrist or to wear several rings on each hand. Just be careful never to do too much, at the risk that we cannot distinguish any of your beautiful accessories as there would be many.


According to popular belief, the gold would go more to the skins hauled and the silver to the pale skins. Yes and no. Again, be careful not to restrict yourself, it is important that the jewel you like. If it’s true that gold has a more bling-bling connotation, it all depends on how to wear it. Believe me, if your accessory is in bad taste, your entourage will surely let you know.


In jewelry and jewelry, many counterfeiters offer coins in supposed “gold” or “silver”. How disappointed they were to see their beautiful “solid silver” ring start to rust in just a few week …

If it remains difficult for a layperson to distinguish the true from the fake, here are some tips that could be useful to avoid this kind of disappointment.


But what do we mean by massive money?  It is actually a material consisting of at least 80% pure silver. It often adds another metal, usually copper, to ensure the strength of the room, because the money alone would be too flexible and could quickly spoil.

The best known types of silver are the 800 (according to the proportion of silver contained, here 80%), the 950 (95%) and, the most common, the 925 silver (92.5%) or sterling silver. The silver coins usually include a stamp attesting to their authenticity (hidden in an invisible corner of the jewel such as the inside of a ring or the clasp of a bracelet or necklace).

Also know that at equal size, a silver jewel will be heavier than another alloy. Beware too bright jewelry too. Usually, the silver has a slightly dull gray appearance which over time will tend to darken while oxidizing. It’s a pretty good sign.

Demonstration of the magnet test for money. Indeed, and as for gold, it is not a magnetic metal. He is not supposed to move.

For the most suspicious, other checks can be made. Take a magnet and test it on your room. The silver should not move while other alloys composed mostly of iron or steel, for example, will immediately stick to it.

You can also try the acid method. You have to rub the jewel with a so-called key stone and then drop a drop of an acid solution. If it becomes greyish or white, it is money. If it darkens or turns greenish, it is a poor alloy. At the risk of seeing your beautiful gem become importable if it is in knock.


Gold is a precious metal, whose grammage is defined by the carats. A piece is considered gold if it has a grammage equal to or greater than 10 carats (and up to 24, up to 99.9% pure gold). The 18 carats is the best compromise.

Again, it is very difficult to recognize a real gold jewel. But as for the money, the genuine coins have a punch and, not being magnetic; will not be attracted if you stick it to a magnet. Likewise, real gold does not fade over time (unlike gold plating).

Of course, and because we do not all have the paraphernalia of the perfect little chemist, choose safe purchases by going directly to real jewelers or designers.

You will know right away what you are buying, the percentage of gold, silver and other metal in the composition of the alloy. And often, you will come out with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing you extra security.

Here is the table summarizing the various official punches used in France, guaranteeing that it is indeed precious metals (source: French Customs)


“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” sang Marilyn. Could not it be the same for men? So, of course, I’m not asking you to come back tomorrow, a river of diamonds hung around your neck. However, some gems or semi-precious stones can greatly increase the cachet of your jewel.

There are four types of stones used in jewelry

Precious stones:  we are talking here about the rarest and purest minerals. These are diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

Fine stones:  these are all the other less noble ornamental stones used in jewelry. Among the dozens of examples is turquoise, malachite, tanzanite, melanite, microcline, morganite, tiger eye, oligoclase, onyx, opal, agate or ‘aquamarine.

Organic gems:  it is not a question of minerals strictly speaking but of resistant organic materials that can be used in the creation of jewels. These include amber, coral, abalone, pearl or jet.

Given the profusion of existing stones, everyone will simply choose the stone that he likes the most. Some of them, like labradorite, have the characteristic of slightly changing color after exposure to the sun. As explained above, some stones are also likely to bring good luck, protection or good health.

For example, here are the gems I prefer:


Name derived from the Labrador region of Canada where missionaries who came to evangelize the Inuit found it for the first time in the 18th century. Inuit legends would like this stone to be an aurora borealis that froze with the cold. Another version tells that on the contrary, a warrior would have struck a huge labradorite of his spear and that would have escaped the aurora borealis.

Where is it found?

There are deposits in northern regions in Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, but also some deposits in France.

Assumed virtues?

It is said to have medicinal properties, especially with regard to blood circulation and digestion problems. It would also have powers of purification and regeneration of the soul.

How do I wear it?

In order to have a really beautiful rendering and to underline all the personality of a true labradorite, I think rather to carry it set on a rather simple silver signet ring. In this way, it is put forward and part of a very personal jewel that I would see myself wearing every day.



Used more than 2000 years ago by the ancient peoples of Egypt and Persia, turquoise was mined from deposits in Iran or the Sinai region. It was often considered a representative stone of the gods, symbolizing the heavens and serving as protection.

It was used as well to create small amulets as large ornaments, even in architecture to make marquetry in the largest Persian palaces. On the other side of the world, pre-Columbian cultures used it especially in the creation of ritual objects.

Where is it found?

There are many turquoise deposits in the Middle East (Turkey, Iran, Israel) but also in Mexico and the United States.

Assumed virtues?

It would soothe various muscular pains and would have a significant effect on the general state of health of the wearer.

How do I wear it?

I will wear more on a bracelet type cuff in addition to other stones with which it would marry well as the red coral.

An example of a bracelet with turquoises from Harpo.



Unlike the two previous ones, amber is not a mineral but an organic gem coming from the fossilization of tree resin, dating back millions of years. Some pieces of amber contain inclusions of plants, insects or animals that are trapped. Amber is used in most ancient Nordic, Greek and Roman cultures.

Where is it found?

Amber is quite common. It is found in France, in countries bordering the Baltic Sea but also in Canada, the Dominican Republic or Mexico.

Assumed virtues?

Symbol of youth, beauty, and love, amber is a rather feminine gem. She is also considered in many cultures as a solidified tears symbol of a god or goddess. It is a gem that would have an effect on aging.

How do I wear it?

I have not found the perfect piece I have in mind yet. Ideally, I would like to find a necklace type necklace with an amber pendant in which would be trapped a small creature some hundreds or even thousands of years. I’m afraid of insects, so it would be a real therapy for me! Otherwise worn as small beads on a very simple bracelet.

To walk with a fossilized centipede on the neck? What’s cool?

BIG OR Small

Let it be said, when we are a guy, we tend to always think “big”. Hear by this: seeing, visible, meaning what! Well in jewelry is not a good reflex.

Avoid choosing really massive models that, in addition to not necessarily being very distinguished, could weigh down your figure. As for the rings, people with fine fingers will avoid large mounts and other huge pebbles.

The question of allergies arises, rare nevertheless. Gold, silver, copper, steel, brass are considered hypoallergenic. In very rare cases, gold and silver can cause allergies and require you to avoid wearing jewelry. The real problem is often nickel. Present in many alloys, it is this material that can cause. It is even more important to redouble your vigilance when buying because a lot of inexpensive jewelry actually contain a significant percentage of nickel.

Now let’s see the specifics of each type of jewelry that you may have to wear.


The bracelet is often the first type of jewelry that men turn to when they decide to take the plunge. Less connoted than the necklace, less symbolic than the ring and more common than the cufflinks, it will be easier for a novice to appropriate it. Especially since a bracelet will easily hide under a sleeve jacket or shirt, if you want to do it discreet.

Start with woven or leather bracelets with discreet clasps and a simple design.

Gradually explore the different styles you enjoy by avoiding too massive models.

Prefer a multitude of different bracelets that will dress your wrist rather than one model too big.

In case you wear multiple bracelets, try to balance on both arms.

Do not wear bracelets with a watch at the risk of not highlighting it.

At what price?

For simple bracelets, rope or leather, with some pearls or charms, you will find beautiful models from 15 or 20$. For more worked models, noble leather or metal, with the presence of a clasp, prices will rise to 40 or 60$. For all-silver models, prices will usually start at 70$.


As with bracelets, necklaces are easy to hide under a top, becoming a more personal jewel than to be seen. Nothing prevents you to wear proudly around your neck and show off to the world.

It is possible to wear necklaces of fine to medium sizes, more or less bright. The adventurous and hippie inspirations add a touch of unexpectedness to a very simple outfit at first.

As for bracelets, choose models of reasonable size. No need to wear an anvil around your neck, it’s not flattering. And in addition, it could be dangerous.

Unlike bracelets, it avoids stacking its dozens of necklaces. The result might really be too heavy. We can ask the limit of three pieces maximum.

For a bohemian style opt for two-material necklaces with a leather thread and a metal medallion, a piece for example or any grigri. Chains can be the best effect for a more raw, more rock.

At what price?

The first models, as for bracelets, will be available at reasonable prices, from 30 euros. Depending on the composition, the presence of a medallion, the design and the brand, prices can fly. But you can find beautiful pieces from 60 or 70 euros.


Of all the jewels, the ring is probably, in many ways, the most engaging … Fantasized, present in the greatest fiction (from the Lord of the Rings to the Green Lantern comics), the ring represents power, love, the tradition.

In my opinion, and contrary to what one might think, the ring is probably the most difficult jewel to assume. Always very connoted, it refers to an imaginary either feminine or very particular, like the rock world, bling or fans of SF …

Balance the number of rings on each hand.

Avoid mixing gold and silver especially one hand.

Pay attention to the proportions avoiding the rings too big for the fine fingers and vice versa.

Go step by step, do not go from a simple ring to a huge wolf-headed mount.

Avoid wearing too many rings on the hand you use most. As strong as it is, a ring is damaged – slowly but surely – with friction.

Level style, mix some silver rings with a jacket in raw denim or a perfect to give you the look of a rocker. For a more roots style, choose models set with gems such as turquoise, labradorite, coral, opal or tiger eye.

At what price?

Again, the price ranges can be very different depending on the models. Money, of course, remains cheaper than gold or platinum. You will find simple models from 50 euros. For more worked models the prices can easily reach 200 or 300 euros. Of course, when it comes to gold or platinum, count a few hundred euros.


As with clothing, knowing your ring size is important. The first solution: seek advice from a professional jeweler. It’s fast and you’ll be sure not to make mistakes.

Otherwise, you have to measure the circumference of your finger yourself. For the less mathematical of you, do not panic, no equation with the double unknown on the horizon. Just wear a tape measure and wrap it around your finger.

Among the different types of rings, two are distinguished by their symbolism and their history.

THE Engagement

Ah, the wedding! This day full of emotion that you will remember all your life. That heavy joke your uncle made after abusing champagne, that awful peach-colored hat your future stepmother wore (which you’ll have to compliment), the killer look your father-in-law gave you when He has given you the hand of his daughter/son, the reading of the vows you hope for, and finally the key moment of the exchange of covenants, which seals your commitment to life. Yes, it is better not to be mistaken about the goods.

Weddings are more than ever in fashion these days. Here Harry and Meghan, who said yes on May 19, 2018.

To begin, know that an alliance is chosen with his or her promised. Indeed, during the preparation of the marriage, it is to two that we determine the rings that will be exchanged when the consent of the spouses. And that’s normal! Leaving to wear a jewel for the rest of your life (well, we say …) as much as you like it?

As always, it is according to your degree of appetite for the jewels that you will choose your alliance. The fact remains that, being a ring that you wear daily, it is better that it remains relatively simple and classic, moreover if you want to give it to other jewels.

As for the material, here again, everything is a matter of taste. For a jewel as important as this one, it is necessary to move towards resistant and noble metals, that time will not erode. Like your love hum! So I think of gold and its different variants (more classic yellow, more white mat or pink more offset), platinum-resistant and precious or even money.

The sizes for the wedding rings remain the same as for the classic rings. But in terms of width, keep it simple! Not more than 4 millimeters for thicker fingers. On average, bet instead on an alliance making 2.5 / 3 millimeters.


Since ancient Rome, the signet ring is a jewel on which are engraved the family coat of arms. It is synonymous with belonging and nobility.

For the most traditional of you, know that the wearing of the signet ring meets certain uses. The eldest of the family will wear the signet ring on the left ring finger with their wedding ring. For the most English of you, the custom is that the signet ring is on the left finger …

Similarly, unless you have inherited a family jewel, choose a signet ring of precious metal or simply covered with a precious metal such as gold or platinum. And take the opportunity to choose or engrave a coat of arms that inspires you. Perhaps that of your future dynasty?


This is a special category, requiring a significant physical commitment. There are very interesting models of earrings or piercings (sometimes real works).

On the left the example of a simple ring hung on the nose and a discreet stone brought to the ear. On the right, a simple metal ring worn on each ear.

Adapt the wearing of your piercings to your professional environment.

Choose models in silver or brushed silver for a more masculine look.

Avoid some less distinguished places: arch, navel, phylum (the part between your nose and your mouth).

If you choose to wear earrings, I find it more elegant to wear both ears.

Being more difficult to assume favor simple models if you are not sure of your choice: the simple metal ring will be sufficiently conspicuous.


For those who would be ready, after reading this article, to draw their credit card, here is a small selection of interesting brands or go pick:

Finally, for those still reluctant to wear jewelry, I advise you to try to go to the store accompanied by a direct and direct person to try necklaces, bracelets, rings and other accessories. You will realize that we get used quickly and we quickly take pleasure in searching, in imagining compositions. And if it really is still not “for you” well your chaperone will be there to tell you … So take the plunge and enjoy!


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