The Role of Forgiveness in ACIM Books

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As per the courses in the ACIM Books forgiveness is nothing but correction of the mind. A human mind has got two sides, one is the wrong end which can be stated as the ego and the other one is the right one which is the side of Holy Spirit.

After observing the different aspects, you use one side of the mind to make the decision. If you are thinking about forgiveness it is not the forgiveness which are defined by the world of ego. There is a completely different point of view of forgiveness. It may be a bit daunting initially, but it is the true meaning of forgiveness.

What is Forgiveness as Per ACIM Books?

As per ACIM forgiveness is to rectify the errors made by the ego mind and choose the path of correction of the Holy Mind. The best way to get rid of the ego mind and follow the right path is to give up the judgment made by the ego mind and thought forms which is given as forgiveness.

But how could I do this? Everyone in their life feels the frustration at some point in time about the way the world is operating. So what should one do? The answer is simple, i.e. forgiveness.

Everyone has got the ego and the Holy Spirit in their mind. It is totally up to the individual that he or she listens to the ego or the internal teacher i.e. the Holy Spirit.  

Find Out Ego in Life with ACIM Books

The ACIM book is one of the best possible ways to get the best out of life. Everyone has got the internal teacher who will always show the correct path. However, it is completely up to you to decide whether to go with the internal holy teacher or the ego.

But what is Ego? How to find out EGO? Every decision or step whose foundation is based on fear is the direction given by the ego mind.

You can follow the link to listen to the perfect lesion to get self-awareness: –

ACIM teaches from the various lesions that whichever mind you select to make the decision, the corresponding effects will be felt as per the selected mind. By selecting the Holy Spirit, all the negativity spread by the ego will be undone and you can see the true effects.

The path shown by the Holy Spirit may not be simple and easy. You need to continuously battle with your ego to suppress the same.

The ego makes you judgmental and thus increasing your distance from the world. With the judgment, you can’t see your makers. It may sound a bit tough to get rid of the ego mind, however, you can kill it by changing the internal teacher.


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