How to Choose the Most Stunning Chandelier for Dining Room

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If you are having some chic lighting and lamps in your dining room, then you must native noticed how a basic light fixture can completely alter the look of your dining area in an elegant way. And this happens just with one single lighting article.

Any modern or traditional dining room can be benefited from a magnificent chandelier, as with its majestic features, it lights up the whole dining space in style. But, sometimes, picking up the best chandelier for the dining room is a tough task, as you have to consider a lot of features.

Style: you need to select a chandelier, which can appeal to your décor articles and style and not the one that you have to resale after a few months. You can play with intricate patterns and styles like mixing the coastal, contemporary and industrial themes of chandeliers in perfectly fine. Any style could work with the theme in your home, just try to match it up. A chandelier can be replaced easily, so if you are planning to renovate your home in the next year, then you need not worry.

Dimensions: when you are selecting a Modish Chandelier for your dining room, then the factor of dimensions becomes more important, as you have to size the chandelier according to the width of your dining table. A good rule of thumb which you can use here is that you must buy a chandelier that is one half to two thirds the width of your dining table. A chandelier that is too large or too small, would look out of place and the impact will be negative or less.

Hanging height: ideal height for hanging is about 28”-34” above the dining table. Keep in mind that the chandelier should be low enough to become a focal point and high enough to provide ease of conversation and more visual space.

Function: it’s o.k. if your chandelier isn’t the main source of lighting in your dining room, like you can install lamps, wall sconces or any other lighting fixture that can upgrade the level of illumination in your space, but do consider the fact they all should complement the chandelier and don’t look odd with it.

Dimmers: if you buy a chandelier that radiates too much heat or light, then it would be very much uncomfortable for the visitors, so get the one with dimmer switches. This will make your ambience balmy and your intimate gatherings will become more mollifying.

Now, you know what all you need to check while buying a chandelier for your dining room, but still due to the variety of chandeliers out there, people get confuse about which one to pick, as all of them looks eclectic.

Let’s check out some of the most amazing types of chandeliers, which you can find in the stores nowadays.

The lantern: this one is made up of wrought iron or brass and proffer a strong sense of history to any dining room. It can complement even the most modernistic spaces and with its bars it casts a warm kaleidoscopic of rays and embellish the room in a charming way. If your table is longer than 72 inches, then you can buy a pair of them.

The multiarm classic: this one doesn’t scream for attention, but makes the space more beautiful and enticing. It’s simple and comes with trays on which you can actually light the real candles. Thus, it’s famous for its more of natural appeal and direct illumination. If you love the authentic things, then this one will work for you.

The starburst: It will look like a celestial body in your dining room with its amazing starburst shape. For a roundtable, it’ll be the perfect choice. This will radiate light in all the directions and will create a pleasing tenor in your dining room. For a smaller table, select a single burst and for a larger table pick a constellation of smaller stars or a rectangular one. By hanging them in a space with walls having high-gloss will provide the maximum effect.

The crystal confection: now, this one is for capturing the heart of the visitors, as with sparkling crystals it can disperse light in a dramatic way. The diners will bathe in the multi-coloured light that is refracted into the prism of shades. And the twinkling effect will make the ceiling and walls shine.

The one with rustic touch: contrast can spruce up the aura of your dining room and thus hanging something rough-hewn into your dining room would be a good idea. With irregular edges and natural materials, such chandelier will soften the theme of your space and make it more tranquilizing.

The drum chandeliers: they are the tailored one, as with enclosed rounds they look formal and stylish both. They maintain their sleek and modern profile and with subtle spaces, it matches in a well manner. Some might have see-through shades, but you must pick that is more oblique. They don’t reflect light in all the directions and most of their lighting is directed downwards and upwards.  This proffer an alluring column of illumination. For the walls you can get some sconces, as light which is emitted from drum chandeliers is not much.

The modernist: nowadays, a new free-form of lighting is here to break the old rules related to the old chandeliers. New crystal ceiling chandeliers with irregular and distinctive shapes are available and people are loving them. You can choose the one that matches with your personality and speaks to you. Just make sure that the overall light and the size complements your space.

A playful piece: just because you are an adult now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t colour outside the lines. Bring out that kid inside you and pick a chandelier that is just a visual treat. May be the lighting is not much, but the look is perfect, so try one, as lighting can be installed separately in the form of sconces and lamps.

So, now you know all about hanging chandeliers, choosing chandeliers and even the type of lightings that you can get for your dining room. So, search online and find the most exquisite chandelier that can emit style, class, trend, mode and fashion altogether in your space.


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