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Fans are inclined at all times to be an important part found in every home, for causes arraying from producing the needed ventilation within a particular area to keeping up the temperature of your room at the time of seasonal changes. In the absence of fresh air, one can easily understand the service that this small device offers. Nevertheless, you will come across choices amid choosing air conditions, ceiling fans, and table fans. Amid these choices, the table fans have proven to be the highly preferred choice based on your economic requirements, flexibility, and durableness when it comes to usage. Below are listed some benefits of using a table fan, so buy online fans in India early.


This makes one amid the very crucial draws of a table fan. You will find places where it is not possible to position a ceiling fan such as the kitchen. However, cooking before the gas stove for a long time is hard during the hot summer days. You are capable of positioning the table fan in your kitchen in such a manner that you enjoy the cool breeze, but the gas stove does not extinguish by it.

Electric extension cord

At the time of purchasing of the table fan, always remember to purchase an electric extension cord. It can be helpful in operating the fan at places where you have got not plug point such as balconies, garden, and rooftops etc. You cannot do it with the air conditioner or the ceiling fans; therefore it will be useful to buy fans online in India.

Oscillation features

You may wonder about this thing. It forms the facet of the table fan that makes its blades possible to revolve at 180 degrees within various directions. In case you arrange a small assembly of people in the home, this fan is capable of equally moving air all through your room. One more vital benefit of this facet is you are in a position to regulate this mode any time you need. If you turn on the knob to regular mode, it will give air in one direction.

Remote control facilities

You must not consider that the table fans form the tale of yesteryears. At present, technology is inclined to make fans very advanced. In the present times, the table fans are found with remote control. Hence, you are in the capacity to alter the mode and pace of the fan from any corner of the room.


The table fans can be found in different sizes and colours which will be as per your need. Several fans are provided with expandable heights with the aim to tune them according to your requirement.

Minimum energy consumption

You may be fed up with shelling out the huge electric bills every month. In case you purchase the table fan, consumption of energy shall be less as compared to the air conditioner and the ceiling fans. Any air conditioner uses nine hundred watts while a standard table fan merely uses fifty to one hundred watts.


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