Dressing for Success: Four Key Factors

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For the workplace, and especially for job interviews, how you dress impacts your future success. People make snap judgments. This is undeniable. So, it is important to make the best impression through your attire.

Men Looking Their Best

  1. For men, the best look comes with certain fashion guidelines. Select solid colors. Stripes and other decorative elements, as well as bright colors, appear as flashy. Think conservative in your suit choice.
  2. Only white long sleeve shirts are acceptable in a business setting. No short-sleeved shirts and no other colors. This is the uniform of the office and looking any differently makes you an outsider.
  3. Little or no jewelry. Jewelry is flashy and ostentatious in the workplace. A wedding band and a watch are all the fashion accessories you need to make a difference.
  4. Tie selection should be simple. Look for muted colors such as gray. Make sure the tie coordinates with your suit. The tie end should not extend beyond the belt buckle, nor should it dangle just above. The tip should meet the belt buckle exactly.

Women Looking Their Best

  1. For women, some of the same guidelines for men also apply. Solid color pantsuits or dresses express that workplace conservativism that states you are sophisticated and in control. Again, only solid colors.
  2. Selecting tan or light hosiery is also important for reflecting your professional look. Black should be reserved for funerals. Tan and light-colored stockings are the standards for businesswomen.
  3. Like men, too much jewelry suggests the flashy or ostentatious style. Limit your fashion accessories to a few key items such as earrings and a bracelet.
  4. Moderate shoe selection is important as well. Choosing high heels that are too high can be distracting. Shorter heels or flat shoes are a more conservative choice.

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