Building Meaningful Relationships

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Many of us have noticed as we grow older that the number of meaningful relationships we have is relatively small. This can be concerning to many. Growing up making friends was so easy between clowning around in class and going to school sponsored events to having your parents set up playdates. Friendships were basically handed to us on a silver platter when we were younger. If you’re like many Americans you may not have held onto those relationships. Life tends to get in the way of these things. However building meaningful, lasting relationships, while a challenge, can be done. These types of relationships improve our health, boost our happiness, and give us a greater sense of purpose. Let’s take a look at the many ways one can build a meaningful relationship with someone else.

Start with yourself! To some this may be obvious but it is a crucial part in building meaningful relationships and in alot of ways can be viewed as the foundation for any relationship to be built on. The relationship that you have with yourself determines so much of your experience here on earth. When you love yourself you’ll find that you attract like minded people more easily than when you’re relationship with yourself isn’t positive. Building up your confidence will make you more likeable, making it easier to meet new people, and make new friends.


What comes along with loving and accepting yourself is self improvement. Understanding where some of your weaknesses may be, addressing them, and resolving them is another key step in building meaningful relationships. This way you can address behaviors that may get in the way of the kind of relationship you’re looking to cultivate. Think about the type of person you want to be friends with. Now think to yourself, could I be that person? Amplify your positives, control your negatives, and be open to change. Being open and honest is a great way to make true friends. There is no way to build a meaningful relationship on lies, dishonesty, or ingenuine behavior.

Remember these relationships don’t have to be new ones, they can be existing relationships that you have put some extra effort into. Like distant family members or estranged parents. Repairing these relationships and turning them into something meaningful can be just as, if not more, rewarding than building new ones.

Now let’s take a look at some of the amazing health benefits of meaningful relationships. These health benefits impact more than just our mental and emotional health! There’s research that shows social engagement and meaningful relationships can actually help to extend your life. It’s also been shown to help improve your overall health.

So now that you’ve worked on yourself and you’re more confident than ever before you may be wondering, what’s the next step? Well the next step towards building any meaningful relationship is fun. Having fun is a great way to bond, get to know someone, and create lasting memories. You can have fun in all sorts of ways! You can go on a trip and stay at Ballys Atlantic City, you can have a game night and invite new friends over, you can go watch a funny movie you’d never think to see alone. Having fun is like the ice breaker that leads to meaningful relationships later down the line.


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