Bangladesh – Best Country for Indian Investment

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Bangladesh is a pure deal for investments from Indian businessman to give a boost to its help Readymade Garment/Leather Manufacturing sector which enhances both country relationship.

  1. Garment Sector
  2. Leather Sector

Garment Sector: –

It is an opportunity waiting to be gapped. While Indian Businessmen can gain out of their investment in the sector in Bangladesh, It’s a win-win situation for both side because of these reasons.

  1. Bangladesh Manufacturer has cheap labor & very good skill in garment which India is losing day by day because of another sector growth in India. India labor wages are high because of development in lifestyle.
  2. Bangladesh Manufacturer has GSP benefits so whole Europe customer is shifting to Bangladesh
  3. Bangladesh Manufacturer has a mind for garment sector as a converter but India has design and creativity so both country if shake hand it’s a win-2 situation

Last 3 years Bangladesh could have increased its portion in world attire export up to 6.4% from 5.9% throughout the historical to maintain its 2nd place in the sector after China. But the portion of China, the undoubted 1st, had come down from 39.3% to 36.4% due to Europe while the other nearby players Vietnam, India, Turkey, and Cambodia verified portion of 5.5%, 4%, 3.4% and 1.4%. Bangladesh portion is increasing day by day as above data speaks.

Leather Sector: –

The leather sector is very new in Bangladesh and now there is an opportunity to develop Bangladesh market because India has experience skilled Man Power and Bangladesh has manpower which has good garments experience and availability of huge Manpower in Bangladesh. Most important 60 % Ladies are working which are hardworking & skill full for garment/leather Sector. It’s a win-win situation for both side because of these reasons

  1. Government is enhancing and initiated lots of program for Leather Factory & target to take $5 billion dollars by 2021. Vietnam, India, Turkey also started investing in Bangladesh country.
  2. The government has a policy which is favor for Leather business scenario.
  3. Indian Businessman can use these people as converting leather goods & export other countries. They can make Joint Venture local people & invest 100% in Bangladesh.

The emptiness that could not be taken up by any other major player and remained unused. With its massive knowledge in the division and available well-organized manpower, Bangladesh can apply this with proper investment inflow. “Here lies the prospect for Indian stakeholders


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