4 Ideas to Advertise Your Home Tuition Business

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Just finished your high school and had some free time or have passion of teaching others; then being a tutor can be one of the best educational business ideas as you not only make money but also play a vital part in students educational success. Once you made a decision of being a tutor, your next task will be to get more students to successfully meet up your goal. The best way to get a continual flow of students is to market your services in areas where you know apprentices and their parents may visit frequent. Below are some of the ways that can help you to promote your services:

  • Flyers & business cards

Start advertising your tuition services with an eye-catching flyer, in which you must mention your subject area expertise as well as your qualification and also your tuition fee with your compete home address. Along with the flyer you must also make your business cards having your complete contact details and if you own any website add that to your business card as well.

  • Ad posting on local online classifieds / newspapers

You can find a huge number of websites that promote educational business ideas, where you can post your add for free like yahoo local, craigslist etc. On the other hand, newspaper ads also get attention of many people but you have to pay a little for posting your ad on newspaper.

  • Ad posting on local community boards

Make a list of all your local libraries, near school areas, and other populous places that are frequently visited by families and teens. Post your flyers over the local libraries and school boards if they allow you to do so and you can also leave your flyers in restaurants or coffee shops where people can read or take your flyers.

  • Social Media

The best way to promote your services is through social media as it reaches the potential local tutor clients in a short span of time. You can join all your local area school groups on Facebook and can offer your services there. You can also post on “Next Door” that is considered as the super local social networking site. But do remember one thing that your add must be engaging, it must contain some images or quote. You can also use LinkedIn to get more business.

These are just few ways, which can help you to get more clients and expand your business but there are a lot other. For instance there are lot of offline marketing tactics that boost your online marketing efforts.  Hope these ideas help you to get more students for your home tuition.


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